Weed Watcher Press Release - Winnisquam Watershed Network

The Winnisquam Watershed Network (WWN) will be actively managing invasive milfoil in Lake Winnisquam this summer. The WWN is also coordinating a Weed Watcher program to assist us in locating any invasive species inhabiting the lake for later management. We are looking for volunteers to help us conduct once-monthly weed surveys of the shoreline areas near them. This is a great way for residents to get involved – volunteers will be instructed on how to conduct a weed survey, what to look for, and who to contact if there is a problem. They will also receive a bag full of information on the program and details on the most threatening invasives, and a plant identification key for common aquatic plants. Training will take place at the Winnisquam Marine Services Sales Showroom Conference Room on June 2nd from 9:30-11am.
The only equipment needed is a boat, a helper or two, and a nice bright summer day. WWN with N.H. DES assistance will run a weed-watcher training class that will take place in early June. Lake wide weed watching events will be scheduled in the months of July-September. Please consider joining our weed-watcher group. The time commitment is not huge and will go a long way to preserving our beautiful lake. Sign up can be accomplished by emailing us at winnisquamwatershednetwork@gmail.com. Also please visit our website at http://www.winnisquamwatershed.org or our Facebook page @winsquamwatershednetwork.


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